May 22, 2014

Mobile Apps

Geraldtopia is a Geraldton based website design company that builds mobile apps for both Android and Apple mobile platforms.

At Geraldtopia we develop hybrid apps using a native interface. This means that we can develop apps simultaneously for Android and Apple devices, without having to create two separate apps, while maintaining native speed and native features, such as tab bars. This also means we can develop apps more quickly and cheaply than traditional native apps can be developed.

Whether you are a school that wants an app to communicate with parents and the wider community or a business that needs to gather data from sales operatives in the field, we can help you develop the app that meets your needs. We can create mobile apps for data collection, geographical data collection – incorporating geotagging, online sales, training, guidebooks, events or any other purpose you can think of.

We offer simple information sharing apps for schools at an affordable price. If you would like to find out more then get in touch.

If you want to discuss developing an app to meet your business’s needs then contact Geraldtopia – mobile app development Geraldton.

Why not check out or Solid Kids App in the iTunes App Store.





Why develop a mobile app?

A mobile app can be used to share information with clients and staff and can also be used for data collection. They are an effective way to develop a direct relationship with your clients and enable you to update all your clients with current offers or important news. The content of the app can be managed over the internet allowing the mobile app to be updated whenever you wish.

Mobile apps can also incorporate phone features such as the camera, to upload pictures, or the GPS, to incorporate geo-tagging with data collection