May 22, 2014

Map Apps

Geraldtopia is a Geraldton based website design company that develops web based map apps, applications that enable you to map your data.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a map must be worth a lot more. Combining a map with pictures, video and audio enables you to show your clients and staff what’s happening where. Whether it is used as an educational or marketing tool this is an effective way of educating clients and staff about your operations and locations.

Interactive map based applications, such as the Geraldton Story Map, can be used to tie data to specific locations.

If you want people to find your business on the internet then contact Geraldtopia – web design Geraldton.

Why Map Apps?

Maps show information in a way that makes it easier to identify relationships, in a way that a list of locations cannot. People already have associations with place and seeing all your locations, or operations, on a map helps people to identify the relationships between your locations and their environment, how broadly spread your operations are and what difficulties different locations might face.