May 23, 2018

Free SEO

The Foundation of a Successful Local SEO Strategy

Adding your business to free local business directories increases the number of links to your site and also helps show to Google that your business is a real local business. Creating a Google Local account is an important first step in this process and adding your business to other business directories helps build your business’s local reputation. As a bare minimum you want to ensure that your business is in Google Local, Bing, Yelp and at least another three directories. This is an important part of any successful SEO strategy.

in addition, the more business directories your business is in, the more likely it is that you will receive referrals through these directory listings.

I would recommend that you put together a document with a couple of variations on your business description and all your contact details so you can just copy and paste them into the directories. You also want to make sure you have your logo file (in .jpg format) and some business images ready to be uploaded. You will need to confirm your listing for many directories and you will definitely receive sales follow up (especially from Sensis / Yellow Pages) and newsletters as a result of this process. You may want to consider using a different email address as your signup address so that this advertising material doesn’t go to your normal customer contact email address.

Please also remember that this is part of your SEO foundation and is not necessarily your advertising strategy. Don’t let someone from Yellow Pages talk you into taking up an expensive package just because they say it will be effective. You need to look at what will work best for your business and engage in independent research into what is the most cost effective form of advertising for your business.

This list is ordered by what comes up highest when searching for random businesses in a local area. The directories that appear vary with the search so I suggest that you start by searching for your business keywords in Google AND Bing, e.g. café Perth. See what directory listings come up and target those directories first.

The Best Local Business Directories

Google Local

It’s like the lotto, you’ve got to be in it to win it. Google local has to be your first listing. Appear on Google maps, appear in Google businesses…. Signup and get it done:

Bing Places for Business

The often forgotten giant of the search engine world. Lots of people have Windows computers, who know why but they do. They will probably be searching in Bing.


A big one and worth doing early. Helps you to appear in Bing Maps and in Apple Maps.
This should take you to the “Claim Your Business” page but if not, go to the main Yelp listing below:


For a directory which I hadn’t heard of before, Cylex comes up a lot in search results. Get your free listing here:

Yellow pages:

They may try to tell you that there are no free listings in your industry and they will definitely call you back to confirm your listing and to sell you adversitising. Get your free listing here:

True local

Part of the Sensis group but easier to get a listing than Yellow Pages as it isn’t dependant on a call back. Signup here for a free business listing.

Hot Frog

Signup here:

Start Local

Another one that is often prominent in search results. Get your free listing here:

Word of Mouth

Aussie Web

Free business directory signup is here:


Add your business here for a free listing:

Local Store


WA’s finest: Hook yourself up with a free listing here:

Local BD

Straight to the free listing:

Super Pages

It’s just super – I’m Sure!

Business Listings

Add your business for free here:


They have free and premium listings. The link to the free listing is here:

Yellow Book

Shop Seek

Change that dropdown from $65 to basic listing to get your free listing:

A to Z Pages

2 Find Local

To add your website they require that you insert their backlink which adds three linking images to your site.